The Artist’s No-Excuse Weekly Self-Promotion Routine

My wish for you is that you develop a self-promotion routine that becomes second nature. You don’t balk or make excuses. You do the work because it’s ingrained as part of the art career you are building. [...]

Is Your Message Annoying or Informative?

One of the excuses in my book – excuses that keep artists from promoting their art effectively – is “I don’t want to bother people.” You know what it feels like to be bothered and you don’t want to do that to anyone else. But don’t err to the other extreme. [...]

Once Is Never Enough in Marketing

Whenever you’re tempted to think that telling someone something once is enough, stop and remember this story I’ve shared. Then repeat this mantra to yourself: Once is never enough. [...]

The Social Part of Being an Artist < Deep Thought Thursday

What does being social and likeable have to do with an artist’s success? [...]

Direct Traffic to 1-Stop Content Pages

Direct traffic to pages on your site that lead to action. Here is a 3-step process for sending people to specific content on your website or blog. [...]

How to Find a Mastermind Partner

I can’t say enough about the power of masterminding to build your art business and attain career goals. I encourage you to try it in whatever form is best for you. In this post, I give you some tips for finding a mastermind buddy. [...]

Hobnobbing: Should You Stay or Should You Go? < Deep Thought Thursday

Does appearing at the opening of a show of over 100 paintings by the top watercolorists in the country and beyond justify the cost of travel, room & board, and other expense? What do you think? [...]

5-Minute Self-Promotion Tasks

Imagine how productive you could be in just 5 minutes. Inspired by a recent book-marketing newsletter from John Kremer, I decided to come up with a list of what you can do in 5 minutes to promote your art. [...]

Stop! Don’t Send Your Email Message Before Reading This

Is your email not getting the results you had hoped for? Maybe you’ve forgotten something very important. Never forget again with this quick checklist. [...]

Proactive Self-Promotion: Tweak an Art Critic

Christine Atkins, Why Do Trees Whisper

Without identifying the parties involved, I’ll pass on some “gossip” relayed to me by a reliable source about one artist’s self-promotion feats. It involves 1 artist, 1 arts reviewer, and a gaggle of the artist’s supporters. [...]