Email Subject Lines: Winners or Snoozers?

A sampling of email subject lines from my inbox over the past 3 weeks include the following without comment. I will tell you only that they are all from artists or galleries and most (if not all) of them I did not request. If you think one of these is yours, you might be right. But you might not be. A number of messages had the same or a very similar subject line.

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Give Away Your Art ???

David Castle’s “Flapjack” paintings.

Free art can lure people in the door and lead to sales – IF you do it right.

David Castle’s “Flapjack” paintings. ©The Artist.

I was alarmed when I saw this subject line in my inbox:

David Castle Art: FREE Flapjacks This First Friday to Kick Off Denver Arts Week!

“Flapjacks” is the name David Castle has given to 3″x3″ watercolors that he gives to

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Old-fashioned Marketing (that Works!)

Shelly Lewis Stanfield, Fresh. Acrylic and charcoal on birch panel

Not embracing email, blogs, and social media? Not to worry! Artists can achieve amazing results with traditional marketing and networking.

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Art Marketing Action Podcast: Old-fashioned Marketing

Audio version of the post with the same name. Not embracing email, blogs, and social media? Not to worry – artists can achieve amazing results with traditional marketing.

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8 Websites to Consider When Promoting Art Events

Publicity expert Joan Stewart says artists should be using location-based, high-traffic sites that accept calendar listings, press releases, articles and photos. Add to the mix much smaller niche sites that help you target people who are passionate about things like pet paintings, beaded purses, clothing art and metal sculptures.

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Give people the tools they need to promote your art and events

If you want people to help you promote your event, you have to give them the tools they need. You have to be clear about what you want them to do and how you can help them do it. Whether you’re promoting an exhibit opening, a workshop, a demonstration, a fundraiser, or a performance, you must make it easy for others to promote you.

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Never miss a chance to promote your art

I met Caroline Harnish at the Dorset Marble Quarry in Dorset, Vermont earlier this week. Well, we kinda met. As we were leaving, Caroline said in a soft voice, “Take a look at my website:” She had no idea . . .

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5 Ways to Invite Friends & Fans on Facebook to Your Event

So, you’ve created an event on Facebook. Who’s going to see it? How can you get it in front of people? In this short video, I walk you through the process of targeting your invitation to friends and/or fans.

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Promote Your Art with SlideShare

Harriete Estel Berman's channel on SlideShare

SlideShare is a presentation tool that can you help you promote your art to a whole new audience at no cost.

If you have images and access to Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote, you can make a SlideShare presentation.

Harriete Estel Berman of the Ask Harriete blog says SlideShare is her favorite method for promoting her art online. Her SlideShare site includes a number of

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Art Marketing Action Podcast: Promote Your Art with SlideShare

Audio version of the post with the same name. Artists can use SlideShare to promote their artwork at no cost and gain a new audience for their work.

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