Hottest Art Biz Blog Posts of 2013


I have published 145 posts on this blog in 2013 – so far.

As is custom, Deep Thoughts received most of the comments, but there were also some surprises – including the most commented-on post of the year.

The Hot Winners

Exploring lower-priced work to increase your income. Affordable Art as an Option

What do you do after being rejected? Rejection Rituals

Some connections can be detrimental to your art, your emotional well-being, and your growth. Beware of Poisonous Relationships

There are a lot of “organizations” around that are disorganized and, therefore, dysfunctional. 10 Reasons to Burn Your Art Group Membership Card

You teach people how to treat you and your art. 16 Ways to Demonstrate Your Art Has Value

New to the gallery scene? What Artists Should Expect from Galleries at Openings

Not surprisingly, What Galleries Should Expect from Artists at Openings had much less engagement.

The upside of working with galleries. Why [...]

Making Your List and Checking It Twice


Today’s article is short and sweet because you should be enjoying Christmas day. But . . . tomorrow it will be time to get back to work and start thinking about how you want to start the New Year. Here is an idea for finishing up 2013 and preparing for a prosperous 2014. I’m fairly certain that Santa uses a similar process to keep track of the many deliveries he must make today. [...]

Take an Eggnog Break

Eggnog Ingredients

If you like eggnog from a carton, just ignore this post. I forgive you. But if you don’t think you like eggnog, I promise it’s only because you haven’t made it from scratch. It’s time again for the annual Bert’s Eggnog recipe, which I have been sharing since 2005. [...]

Your Year-End Review for 2013


You survived another year as a working artist. Congratulations! Now it’s time to step back and look at all you have accomplished. This is a ritual to take your mind off of the long task list in front of you and to remind you that you really have done a great deal. [...]

Is a Discount Really a Gift?

Package with discount tag

I’ve received a lot of emails recently from artists giving me a discount in the spirit of the season – if I buy. “My gift to you . . . because I appreciate you so much . . . is 10% off my work.” I’m not certain this is a gift, but I’m willing to change my mind. Can you convince me otherwise? [...]

Twitter Tweekly for December 15 2013

@abstanfield on Twitter

Time for tweets you might have missed from the past two weeks. Some valuable, some reminders, and a few cheeky ones. . . . Marketing is about finding ways to create meaning and making people feel something – @bernadettejiwa . . . What successful people DON’T do in the morning… Brilliant! via @bernadettejiwa [...]

Mind Mapping Your Ideas and Events


I seem to be recommending mind maps to artists with great frequency these days, so I thought it would be useful to review what they are and how you can use them in your art business. A mind map is a tool for brainstorming or organizing your ideas. Mind maps are great for creatives and artists because they put words and ideas in a visual format. [...]

Gift Ideas for Your Special Art Patrons


The holidays make us think about giving gifts to those who are important to us, so don’t forget your most important buyers and collectors. Here are a few ideas for themed kits you can use as patron gifts. Notice how, depending on your selections, you can spend next-to-nothing on these. [...]

To Trade or Not to Trade (with Another Artist)

art21 PBS

You’re minding your own business at your show when an artist you don’t know comes up and asks you if you want to do a trade: his artwork for yours. You don’t know anything about this artist’s work. How do you respond? [...]

How to Motivate Yourself to Work During the Holidays

One of our Thanksgiving tables. Photo courtesy Cynthia Morris.

With less than 1 month to go before Christmas, it’s about this time that we start using the holidays as an excuse to neglect our income-generating businesses. Don’t do this. Enjoy the holidays as much as you can while also keeping your business on track. There are other people out there who can counsel you on self-care and enjoying the season. It’s my job to remind you that your success depends on the daily commitment you show to your business. [...]