Art Marketing Action Podcast: Implement a Postcard Strategy

Audio version. Think about adding postcards to your regular self-promotion efforts. Get offline from time to time and interact in the real world—especially when it comes to your marketing. Send postcards to your mailing list three to four times a year.

Art Marketing Action Podcast: Placing Older Art on Your Website

The podcast is an audio version of the post with the same content. Artists who are concerned about showing older work can give it secondary links from the primary art pages on a website. If you’re proud of the work and it’s still for sale, there’s no reason to remove it from your site, but you might not want it featured.

Art Marketing Action Podcast: Make It Easy for Others to Promote Your Art

Which would you rather embrace: The great publicity, goodwill, and friendships that come when others can promote your art (properly!), or the possibility that someone somewhere at some point might use your images improperly? Do what you can to protect your images properly, but don’t be so fearful that you miss out on opportunities for others to promote your art for you. Make it easy to be talked about!

Art Marketing Action Podcast: Attract High-End Buyers

The weekly Art Marketing Action podcast is an audio version of the newsletter/post of the same title. This week: There is no magic pill for attracting high-end buyers. It takes persistence and determination, which is why the life of an artist isn’t for everyone.

Art Marketing Action Podcast: Give to Get on Your Blog

The weekly Art Marketing Action podcast is an audio version of the newsletter of the same title.

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Art Marketing Action + Podcast: Get the Word Out Early and Often

You can’t send one announcement for your art event and expect it to be effective. People typically have to see the same information multiple times—in multiple ways—before they will act on it. Mix up your delivery methods as described in this post, and you’ll be much more effective with your promotions.

Art Marketing Action + Podcast: Implement a Policy for Answering Questions

If you’ve become a Go-To Answer Guy or Gal, it’s time to implement a policy that will preserve your sanity. Consider using my example as a starting point and creating your own. Perhaps you can adapt it for in-person situations, too.

Art Marketing Action + Podcast: Increase prices for your art (perhaps)

Fretting about your prices again? Have you considered that some of them may be too low? Raising prices isn’t something I take lightly or recommend frequently. While raising prices in tough economic times seems counter intuitive, you want to be sure you are being paid what you’re worth. Here are six things to consider.

Art Marketing Action + Podcast: Break the Rules

Many artists in the beginning of their careers are stymied by the desire to play by the rules and get it all right. They don’t take action because they’re afraid of doing something wrong. On the other end of the spectrum are artists who have been in the business for a while. They can be so closely tied to the rules that they find it hard to adapt to new ways of doing things.

Art Marketing Action + Podcast: Ask for Clarification

Too often we flounder because we’re afraid of asking someone to clarify instructions for a grant proposal or exhibit submission. We’re afraid of the answer, so we’d rather guess. Or we’re lazy. Asking makes you look smart. Here are four benefits of asking for clarification. Here are four benefits of asking for clarification.