Bundling To Increase Your Income

A few weeks ago I had a sale of my audio products. I didn’t discount the products themselves. Instead, I bundled them together and added bonuses. If you’re open to creative solutions for selling your art, consider having a bundle sale instead of a discount sale of your products.

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Steal This Checklist for Your Next Product Launch

le going through the product-launch checklist for my new Pricing Your Art audio program, I thought it might be helpful to share the list with those of you who create products that you sell online: e-books, note cards, classes, and so forth.

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Stop Sending People to Your Home Page

When seeking a specific action, be sure to create a landing page to direct people to on your site, which focuses on the product, service or program you wish to promote.

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The Right Audience – Where are they?

Finding the “right audience” key to successful sales, but how do you go about doing that?

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Mastering Subject Lines in 49 Characters or Less

The purpose of your email subject line is to get the recipient to open the email. It’s not a space-filler and should never be an afterthought. You can’t take subject lines for granted.

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Sure Signs of an Internet Scam and How to Stop It Cold

Many of you already know about Internet scams, but I need to emphasize the importance of being vigilant and asking a lot of questions when someone expresses interest in your art through email.

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One for You, One for Me: Pay for Your Art Materials Up Front

Gary Peters

Guest blogger Gary Peters shares his idea for getting his art materials paid for up front while rewarding his special supporters. Includes a special report for Art Biz Blog readers.

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Podcast: Appraise an online gallery

Every day there are new opportunities to show your art online, but how do you know which online galleries are legitimate? Appraise an online gallery by asking questions and assessing its components. Asking questions is not a sign of distrust, but a hallmark of a responsible professional.


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Handling Overseas Art Sales

How do you handle overseas orders? Michael Lynn Adams asks:

I have a buyer who lives in South Africa (actually London, moving to South Africa). I am in Los Angeles. They will arrange and pay for shipping once payment for the paintings has cleared on my end.The question: What is the best practice for long- distance payments? And, had the buyers not been willing to arrange for shipping, best practices or advice about that.I do not trust personal checks and am not comfortable with money orders or cashiers checks. I do not have a credit card services account. However, I do have a Paypal merchant account that I have yet to use. One Paypal option is to create a Paypal invoice, but I am not sure if that gives the buyer credit card payment as an option. Another Paypal option would be to create a custom Webpage exclusively for the buyer (that is

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Podcast: Expand your online marketing

Things are changing in the art world. Are you going to yearn for the past or embrace the future?



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