Cheat Sheet For Social Media Status Updates

Roopa Dudley shares a photo and quote from Frida Kahlo, one of her inspirations, on her Facebook page.

I’ve been fumbling around with social media updates lately. What can I share with followers to keep it fresh? What can I share that will be re-posted by others? I created my list, and then I decided to create one for you. I had Facebook in mind, but you can use it with your favorite social media site.

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Premature Social Networking

Robert Irvine - Restaurant: Impossible on Food Network

Have you ever watched Restaurant Impossible on the Food Network? This TV show with a muscled drill sergeant as its star teaches some of the best business lessons on TV while trying to revitalize failing restaurants. It’s no wonder the restaurants are in trouble when they haven’t figured out food costs, don’t know what their projected earnings are, and lack leadership.

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Coordinating Your Marketing Efforts

Sara Drescher Braswell coordinates her marketing efforts across platforms.

Artists everywhere are throwing their arms up in frustration. Sure, it’s great to have free self-promotion tools on the Internet, but . . . Dang! . . . enough already! Website, blog, newsletter, email, Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest. The list just keeps exploding. How do you keep up with it all? The answer is: You can’t!

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Don't Pin It and Forget It - Promote Your Pinterest Boards

Few will argue that Pinterest provides incredible exposure for visual brands; except maybe artists. Once you move beyond the copyright violation argument artists wage against the Internet, Pinterest still remains a fabulous option for creatives who want other people to see their art.

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How to Engage More Fans on Facebook

Facebook expert Mari Smith shared her 10 tips for engaging fans on Facebook. I give you the highlights along with a couple of addition insights that might help you crack the Facebook feed code.

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5 Actions to Rock Your Facebook Page

Here are four things you can do to distinguish your business page on Facebook from your personal profile. These actions (especially #4) should give your art business a boost in visibility on Facebook.

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Twitter Tweekly for April 15 2012

Be inspired by artists’ stories of success, gain insight into Facebook timelines, and get the inside scoop from the recent Colorado Creative Industries Summit I attended. All in this week’s Tweekly.

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Tell the Story of Your Art Career on Your Facebook Timeline

Dust off your art résumé and put it to use with the new timeline on your Facebook page. Timelines are a place for you to share the history of your art career. They’re not for you to tell your life story – that’s for your personal profile timeline.

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4 Starter Moves for Your New Facebook Timeline

Starr Weems’ cover image goes well with her profile picture.

Facebook says pages and profiles will be forced to adopt the new timeline by March 30. Here are 4 starter moves for making the change to the new timeline with some inspiration from those who have already converted.

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Is the Pinterest Problem Really a Problem?


Just as guest blogger Beth Hayden and I were going to press with the Pinterest post on Monday, the s**t hit the fan. This blogger and that blogger have been raising legitimate concerns about Pinterest’s Terms of Service and copyright infringement. There is enough worry out there that I felt it necessary to follow up on this topic.

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