Fine-Tune Your Artist Presence on Facebook

Frances Vettergreen - Facebook

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Does your Facebook presence show your friends and fans that you’re going places with your art?

Here are 4 quick things you can use to improve your professional presence on Facebook.

1. Connect Your Biz Page to Your Profile

You want your friends to become fans, right? Make it easy on them! Lisa Call outlines how to show everyone you have your own art business in this article.

2. Add a Welcome Page

What do first-time visitors see

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How To Set Up a Custom Welcome Page for Your Facebook Page

Nithya Swaminathan

There are at least 5 reasons to add a custom welcome to your Facebook page. Follow these steps and you’ll have one up and running in about 30 minutes.

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Complete your Google Profile


Unless you’ve been hiding under a virtual rock, you’ve been hearing a lot about Google+ (a.k.a. G+) over the past couple of weeks. You’ve also been seeing more +1 buttons popping up on your favorite sites, like at the bottom of posts here on the Art Biz Blog.

The Google +1 button is Google’s answer to the “Like” button. As they say on their site, clicking on the +1 button is like saying “this is pretty cool.”

The initial buzz on G+ is good. This means that more and more people will be using it, which means that you should have a presence.

Even if you decide to hold off on digging into G+, you can still complete your Google profile. If you have a free profile on Google, it will be among the top results in a search

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Are you spamming people?

Spam isn’t just sending bulk email to those who haven’t requested it. Spam is also rampant on blogs, Facebook, and Twitter. Make sure you’re not spamming people!

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Drive More Traffic to Your Site

Ann Brauer, Out of the Earth. Art quilt.

It’s a waste of time – yours and your recipients’ – to send an email or tweet that only says you have a new blog post or have updated your website.

Use more enticing language in your newsletter, email blast, Facebook update, or tweet to encourage blog visits and more meaningful connections.

Below are examples of how I might announce selected real-life blog posts.

Ann Brauer, Out of the Earth. Art quilt, 99 x 99 inches. ©The Artist

If your blog post solves a problem, emphasize that you have a solution >>>

How to add your Facebook page to your personal profile: (Lisa Call)

Your missive will also be successful if you pique the curiosity of the recipients >>>

Get a sneak peak of what I’ll be wearing to the Art of the State: (Wendy Edsall-Kerwin)


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How to Organize Photos of Your Art on Facebook


It’s much easier to promote your Facebook pages when your art is well organized in photo albums. Create photo albums on your page that make sense and that have only related images within them. Organize them as you would on a website.

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Create a Fan Page (Business Page) on Facebook: Updated


I’m keeping my promise to artists I met on my book tour and at my workshop last week that I would post updated instructions for creating a business page on Facebook.

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High-Quality Connections on Twitter

Twitter Who To Follow

Twitter has some cool features that will help you find the best tweeps to follow. Following people in your target audience should lead to high-quality connections over time.

I’m a devotee of TweetDeck for reading and sending tweets – so much so that I’ve neglected taking advantage of the interface Twitter installed last fall. Here are some Twitter features I recently explored more in depth and will be using more often.

Review Who to Follow Suggestions

One of the things I like most on the Twitter interface is the Who to Follow suggestions on the Home page. These can be promotions like this top suggestion to follow Vegas vacation tweets that aren’t up my alley.

More often, they’re spot on and include Twitter users that tweet about art. These are my kind of tweeps.

Just click on names to see

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Give Your Twitter Bio a Boost

Your bio on Twitter is key to attracting high-quality followers. Does yours need a boost?In your Twitter bio, tell us about your interests so that we want to follow you. Intrigue us. Make us want to know more. Make us laugh. Here are some of my favorite artist bios on Twitter.

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How (and Why) to Tag People on Facebook

Lois Primeau post with tag on Facebook

Tagging people on Facebook, when done with a generous spirit, can make you fast friends.

Why tag people on Facebook? To be nice, of course! To reach out. You might want to:

Promote their upcoming exhibits Talk about what a nice job they did teaching a workshop Brag about their art Gush about how much you enjoy their book

The best place to mention people (“tag” them) on Facebook is on your business page because it is public. Anyone can see it or link to it.

Be sure to point your tags to other business pages rather than personal profiles. Again, this is so that anyone seeing it on your business page can then go to a public page to see more. This isn’t possible if you tag a personal profile and the content is protected – as it

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