How (and Why) to Tag People on Facebook

Lois Primeau post with tag on Facebook

Tagging people on Facebook to brag about their art, to gush about their book or to help promote their upcoming event, can make you fast friends. Just be sure you link to business pages rather than personal profiles. [...]

Social Media Is Only a Tool

Are you considering abandoning your own site in favor of a Facebook Fan Page? One word – ERROR! Facebook should be only one of your marketing tools. Why? You can’t throw all of your faith behind a site you don’t control. [...]

Blog Comments on Facebook

Don’t worry because people comment on your posts on your Facebook page instead of your blog. Be grateful for their presence. [...]

Proof that Twitter Can Help Your Art Career

An artist lands features for two of her friends in a prestigious art magazine and a solo exhibit for herself–all within a couple of weeks of joining Twitter. [...]

Texting and Tweeting Shortcuts for Artists

Ever wish there was a language just for artists? Of course, we have our own words, but how about bringing them up to date? I submit the following shorthand for artists who text and tweet. [...]

Beyond SEO: SMO

Social media optimization is the new way to position yourself to your audience (and search engines) to better increase your visibility. With one tiny swap of one tiny letter, you’re left re-engineering your web marketing strategy to better service your content with the social media channels your audience is on. [...]

“Liking” Can Lead to Lovin’

Michael Goettee, who doesn’t have a business page on Facebook–only a personal page–shares how “liking” a business and interacting on Facebook has led to three articles about his art and a museum purchase of one of his paintings. [...]

Favorite Twitter Uses? <- Deep Thought Thursday

I love following artists, thinkers, and biz folks on Twitter, but my favorite uses for Twitter are to find out about roadwork, local news, customer service, and praising services and products I like. How about you? [...]

Create an Event on Your Facebook Fan Page

It’s easy to post art exhibits, shows, and sales as events on your Facebook fan page. This 5-minute video shows you how in just a few simple steps. [...]

Turn Facebook Friends into Fans

Now that you have a Facebook profile, you also want a business page for your art. But how do you get friends on Facebook to move over and join you on a fan page? Here are seven steps for artists to turn Facebook friends into fans. [...]