Is Twitter a Perfect Platform for Introverts?

Twitter seems like an instant platform, but it actually gives introverts a little time to respond and still be part of a conversation.

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Compelling Video of Your Art

Philadelphia’s Rosenfeld Gallery is providing videos for their artists who exhibit there. This is a fantastic service for the artists and a smart use of video by the gallery.

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Look Like a Whiz on Facebook & Twitter

Art Biz Coach on Facebook

(This content is mostly outdated.)

It’s not very easy to find out little secrets about how things work on Facebook and Twitter.

Here are a few things I’ve learned that have made me feel more confident in my presence on those sites.

Twitter The photo strip on the top of your Facebook page and profile consists of images that are 97 pixels wide and 68 pixels high. Manual posts outrank automated posts. Twitter Create a custom Twitter background to show off your art on your profile page. Your design in the left column of your Twitter background should be about 200 pixels wide. When your tweet begins with an @Name, it is seen only in the

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PEARLS of Social Media Wisdom

Angela Piehl

It’s not just you. Everyone is overwhelmed by all of the options for online marketing.

In today’s Art Marketing Action newsletter, I provide PEARLS of social media wisdom. Here’s a sneak peek.

©2008 Angela Piehl, Pearls Kiss. Oil on birch panel, 36 x 48 inches.

Pick a Platform Engage Acknowledge Respond Listen Share and Sell

What pearls of wisdom do you have to share about using social media for your art career?

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Fine-Tune Your Artist Presence on Facebook

Frances Vettergreen - Facebook

For quite some time, I have been publishing my weekly newsletter on this blog in addition to sending it via email. This will no longer be the case. Only those who subscribe to the Art Marketing Action newsletter will receive it beginning September 7. Below is the next-to-last issue that will be posted here.

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Does your Facebook presence show your friends and fans that you’re going places with your art?

Here are 4 quick things you can use to improve your professional presence on Facebook.

1. Connect Your Biz Page to Your Profile

You want your friends to become fans, right? Make it easy on them! Lisa Call outlines how to show everyone you have your own art business in this

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How To Set Up a Custom Welcome Page for Your Facebook Page

Nithya Swaminathan

There are at least 5 reasons to add a custom welcome to your Facebook page. Follow these steps and you’ll have one up and running in about 30 minutes.

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Complete your Google Profile


Unless you’ve been hiding under a virtual rock, you’ve been hearing a lot about Google+ (a.k.a. G+) over the past couple of weeks. You’ve also been seeing more +1 buttons popping up on your favorite sites, like at the bottom of posts here on the Art Biz Blog.

The Google +1 button is Google’s answer to the “Like” button. As they say on their site, clicking on the +1 button is like saying “this is pretty cool.”

The initial buzz on G+ is good. This means that more and more people will be using it, which means that you should have a presence.

Even if you decide to hold off on digging into G+, you can still complete your Google profile. If you have a free profile on Google, it will be

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Are you spamming people?

Spam isn’t just sending bulk email to those who haven’t requested it. Spam is also rampant on blogs, Facebook, and Twitter. Make sure you’re not spamming people!

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Drive More Traffic to Your Site

Ann Brauer, Out of the Earth. Art quilt.

It’s a waste of time – yours and your recipients’ – to send an email or tweet that only says you have a new blog post or have updated your website.

Use more enticing language in your newsletter, email blast, Facebook update, or tweet to encourage blog visits and more meaningful connections.

Below are examples of how I might announce selected real-life blog posts.

Ann Brauer, Out of the Earth. Art quilt, 99 x 99 inches. ©The Artist

If your blog post solves a problem, emphasize that you have a solution >>>

How to add your Facebook page to your personal profile: (Lisa Call)

Your missive will also be successful if you

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How to Organize Photos of Your Art on Facebook

It’s much easier to promote your Facebook pages when your art is well organized in photo albums. Create photo albums on your page that make sense and that have only related images within them. Organize them as you would on a website.

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