What’s to love about the guerrilla knitters

Someone is going out of his or her way to make sure tree trunks and sign stakes are kept warm and stylish this winter. Some graffiti artist is plastering trees and public spaces in West Cape May, New Jersey with . . . . knitting! Here are three lessons to learn from the guerrilla knitters.

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Schedule a preview of your art

Janice Mason Steeves, River of Longing. Oil on panel,

Home-based art sales are all the rage. I love the idea because these sales have low overhead and the comfort factor: you’re welcoming your guests into a relaxed, familiar setting. But regardless of how comfortable the setting is, the focus is still on making sales.

Did you ever consider that inviting your fans into your (or someone else’s) home could be a reward in itself? It could be your way of saying Thank You for their support.

Follow the example of artist Janice Mason Steeves. Instead of planning a sale, you could schedule a preview.

Janice Mason Steeves, River of Longing. Oil on panel, 34 x 26 inches. ©The Artist

Let’s say you have a new body of work and an upcoming exhibit of that work. You invite your fans or top collectors to a preview of the work

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Podcast: Take over a vacant storefront–legally

Vacant commercial spaces make attractive exhibit venues for your art and benefit the landlords, the city or town, and the artists involved.

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