Decoding a dire message about the art market

It’s safe to read dire predictions about the art market and know that they have very little to do with you and your own personal art market.

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Handling overseas art sales

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Offer an upgrade

Businesses everywhere are offering upgrades and there’s a reason. Customers like upgrades! They like knowing that there are better (or at least more) options available to them. Most artists aren’t offering upgrades, but you can be among the first.

Upgrades not only bring you more money, they also provide your fans with another level of service. YOU know what you have available, but additional options aren’t always made clear to those who are buying from you.

Let me give you an idea of what upgrades might look like for an artist.

Julie Miller, Fresh Air Lobby. Oil on canvas. ©The Artist


Class only Class + one-hour private consultation or critique Class + a copy of your book or extensive, bound notes Class + DVD tutorial


Pair of earrings Pair of earrings + matching necklace Earrings in precious instead of semi-precious stones


Artwork Artwork + fine reproduction

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So, you’ve sold a piece of art. Now what?

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