Collaborate & Advocate on Behalf of Your Art


Even if the proclamation of National Arts & Humanities Month is for the U.S., we know that national boundaries are fuzzier because of the Internet. We feel a kinship with artists around the globe. I ask you to spend time this month on these two actions: collaborating and advocating. [...]

Are you taking action or just reading?

Cathy Savage, Follow the North Star

Cathy Savage has made great strides as an artist since buying a copy of I’d Rather Be in the Studio on year ago. Read about her accomplishments. [...]

Keeping an Eye on Other Artists

Gwen Vermeulen

Don’t think of competition as a bad thing. Instead, consider it a challenge. Competition can get you up in the morning and motivated. Competition can drive you to do better work and become more focused on your career and where you want it to go. [...]

Marketing lessons from a hair stylist

Marketing lessons are all around us if we pay attention. Guest blogger Michael Lynn Adams shares a personal experience with his hairdresser–one that taught him at least three lessons for his art career. [...]

You never know where the Angel Snakes will appear next


Generating buzz in the New Year

A couple of interesting stories featuring our own Denver artists might be of interest to you.

Self-described "Non-Starving Artist" Bob Ragland talks about making a living as an artist in this National Public Radio short segment. Bob is great! He advocates paying off your mortgage, living debt free, and wants to help other artists do the same. He even wrote me a delightful fan letter, enclosed in this one-of-a-kind envelope.

Bob's passionate advocacy for non-starving artists obviously caught the attention of a major national news network!

Also, Gary Michael’s self-portraits were featured in the Sunday edition of the Denver Post. Michael has been painting an annual self-portrait for 35 years. I just wish the article was accompanied by an exhibition of the 35 works so we can see the progression.

A self-portrait in itself isn't that newsworthy, but one a year for 35 years is quite something. What could you do in [...]

Lucrative art careers


Magical art that’s selling

It’s a very happy day indeed when I get out and look at art. And today I saw the most wonderful exhibit at the Boulder Public Library Canyon Gallery. It’s a terrific gallery that always has first-class exhibitions, but this was one of the best. (Thanks, Laura Tyler, for urging me to see it.)

On view are the magical images of Maggie Taylor, a digital artist who lives in Gainesville, Florida and does the most magical work. Many of the images on view were taken from her illustrations for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (Modernbooks, Palo Alto). The works were beautifully framed to be cohesive and expertly installed in the space. I encourage you to look around Ms. Taylor’s website to be inspired.

The works on the wall were perfectly sympatico with the ceramic sculpture of Caroline Douglas, who lives in Boulder. Both artists used flora, fauna, and figures in work that was simultaneously surrealist [...]

Get your art published in magazines–she did


Give away your exhibit catalog

Janice Mason Steeves, a client of mine, is opening a solo exhibit of new work in Ontario tomorrow at Abbozzo Gallery.

She and the gallery produced a lovely, small catalog, which chronicles Jan’s recent journey to Turkey for the 800th anniversary of the birth of the Sufi mystic, Rumi.

The catalog is available for sale through the gallery (about $7.80US), but Jan did something brilliant. She is offering it as a free download (PDF) on her Web site.

I suggested she have her webmaster put it in the menu column so that it appears on every page on the site. When you click on it, you’re taken to a page that describes the contents and gives you a link for downloading it. Check it out for yourself.

Jan could have gone one step further and put a mailing list sign-up form on that download page. Might as well ask while you’re giving away something [...]