Artist Bio vs. Artist Statement vs. About Page

Theresa Beckemeyer, Chautauqua

Are you confused about the difference between your artist biography and artist statement? I’m here to help! See if these explanations give you a better picture of these two documents. I’ve thrown in your About page for free.

Formula for a 3-Paragraph Artist Bio

Heike Seefeldt

Three paragraphs is all you need for the start of your artist biography. This is a no-brainer formula for capturing your story in a small space. It’s up to you to be creative within this format.

About pages in 1st or 3rd person: A compromise

The About page is sometimes the only page with a lot of text on an artist’s site so it becomes a candidate for including the name and description of the artist’s work, making 3rd person a choice, sort of by default. Guest author Patricia J. Velte shares a compromise for using 3rd person text (which Google likes) along with the more informal 1st person.

Art Marketing Action: Tweak your About page

While biographies are stiff and formal, your About page is informal. It’s injected with your personality! You can turn any fact into a more interesting story with just a little creativity (and I know you’re creative!).

Art Marketing Action: Work On Your Biography

Artists need biographies for grant applications, websites, and more. If you’re confused about how to write your biography–or the different tones it might take–read this week’s newsletter. I give you an easy 3-part approach to writing a bio.

Deep Thought Thursday: Age

How does age affect your art career opportunities? Chime in on this week’s Deep Thought.

What to do with a gap in your artist resume

What do you do with a 14-year gap in your artist resume?