Recycling an Old Blog Post

Some subjects are always winners – they just need a little tweaking for today. You might update a post because the topic is still relevant or because new research has come along. I show you want I looked for when I updated a 7-year-old post.

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Pins and Needles: Proof that Words Can Help You Be Found Online

Guest blogger Kim Bruce shares the story of how she was included in an exhibition proposal by someone who found her through a Google search.

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Share Your Profile Instantly with Other Blog Commenters

Screen shot 2011-04-17 at 7.22.38 PM

If you’ve left a comment on this blog, you’ve noticed that some people have their pictures next to their comments and others don’t. You can get yours at Now, whenever you put your cursor over someone’s image on Art Biz Blog the picture cocks to the left and his or her Gravatar profile appears.

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The Secrets for an Endless Supply of Blog Posts

Sandhya Manne, Musical Tribe in Color - Nallamma. Watercolor

One of the most difficult things about blogging is coming up with ideas.

Sandhya Manne, Musical Tribe in Color – Nallamma. Watercolor, 14 x 11 inches. ©The Artist

Do you feel pressure to write the perfect blog post in a single sitting?

That’s rarely how good blog posts come together.

The secret to having a vibrant blog is to juggle a number of ideas for posts so that you’re

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Best of the Art Biz Blog 2010

Blue Ribbon

I scoured the 257 posts (to date) from 2010 and came up with a Best Of list. These might not have produced the highest number of comments, but they incited discussion or had information that I thought was most relevant. And many did, indeed, have the most comments.

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Yes, You Still Need a Blog

Linda Billet, Not So Pretty Now

Q: With everything that Facebook offers, why do I still need a blog?

A: Whoa, cowboy/cowgirl!

Yes, Facebook is a robust site that helps you engage with others in powerful ways, but it cannot replace the need for your own Web presence.

Both your blog and Facebook allow you to update your followers. They give people a place to comment and for

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Blogging Mistakes and How to Overcome Them

The bar for blogging well is high. Often we’ll jump in without really knowing what we’re doing. Which is fine – I’ve made my way through life with this kind of chutzpah. What’s not okay is spending your precious time blogging badly. Because if you’re not going to do it well once you get going, why continue?

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Don’t let your text become outdated

Your About page and all other pages and posts on your blog or website should include text that is as “evergreen” as possible. “Evergreen” means that it will be just as valid next year as it is right now. Here’s an example.

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Promote Your Art by Writing a Guest Blog Post

Donna Iona Drozda, Winged Moon

Guest blog posts broaden your audience instantly. You not only receive recognition on the other blog, but you’ll hopefully get a bit of traffic to your own. It’s free advertising and it’s more effective than paid advertising.

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Blogging to attract art collectors

Collectors want to know you’re going places. Reveal–through your blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.–that your art career is active. If your work is good and you present it well, we’ll be interested. If you have good content, you will gain readers. More readers=more people to refer you.

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