Branding Your Art Business

Wade Hinderks of Purpose Into Profits gives a video testimonial for Re Perez’s Branded the Event.

For years I have tiptoed around using the word “brand” for fear that it made art sound too commercial. No more! I’m ready to embrace the idea of branding after spending three full days at Re Perez’s Branded: The Event last week. I encourage you to embrace it, too. Here is a sampling of what I learned at Branded. [...]

Twitter Tweekly for November 17 2013

@abstanfield on Twitter

Just in case you missed these tweets from my fingertips >>> 50 tips for free publicity via @PublicityHound… New pics of Art Biz Makeover day 2 at… Artist shares how she turned real-estate article into a mention of her art… [...]

What Do You Call Yourself?

Are titles necessary? Are titles limiting? Do you have a title for yourself? Like, when someone asks you what you do, do you say “I’m a(n) . . . ” Do you have more than 1 title? [...]


I am my brand. It’s what I tell artists all of the time. YOU are your brand. The work we do contributes to the brand, but we are known by our individual names. Here are some thoughts on rebranding my business–thoughts that might help you with your brand. [...]

Spit Shine Your Image

How others perceive you is based on four things: your art, yourself, the venues where you show and sell your art, and your marketing materials. All of these are used in promoting your art. [...]

Art Marketing Action Podcast: Spit Shine Your Image

The weekly Art Marketing Action podcast is an audio version of the newsletter of the same title. This week is all about cleaning up your weak areas so that you can present yourself to the world in the brightest light. [...]