What Was Your Best Business Decision of 2012?

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The best business decision I made in 2012 was to invest in a high-level mastermind group. I invested because I believe in working with mentors who have achieved a high degree success. I believe in investing in help for my business. I believe that having a mentor or coach is critical to one’s success.

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May Day! May Day!

Are you prepared if you are affected by a natural disaster or computer crash? Craig Nutt, artist and Director of Programs for CERF+, shares what you can do RIGHT NOW to lessen your losses.

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Listing Dimensions of Your Art Properly

Each stage of proofreading my book before it’s sent to the printer results in more precise editing than the last stage.

H x W x D

There are a couple of places in the book that list dimensions of artwork.

As I’ve said here many times, fine art is listed as HxWxD in inches or centimeters. I had always written dimensions as follows:

12 x 9” or 12 x 9 inches

While the bottom version is fine, the top is not–according to the Chicago Manual of Style (15th edition, my style book preference). According to CMS, this is proper:

12 x 9 “ (with a space after the last number if there is a space before and following the x) or 12”x9” (with no spaces, but the inch sign repeated)

This last one is the version I opted for in

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