How to Decide if a Call for Entry is Worth Sweating Over

There are differences among the various types of calls for entry competitions, but let’s start at the very basics: how to evaluate a Call and decide if you should respond.

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Attack it head on

Back in December, I ran a Deep Thought Thursday about how to satisfy an unreasonable client who has hired you for a commissioned piece of art. I presented a particular situation (which you need to read about to understand this post) and many alert readers helped an artist address this problem.

Later, I received this email from the artist with the unreasonable (?) client. She wrote.

I just wanted to update you and everyone that offered ideas and support with my 2-year-old commission. I met with [the client] several days ago and he asked me how I liked the finished piece. I told him it was perfect and that there was nothing more I could do with it. He said “ok” and thanked me. And that was it.

I think reading some of the comments really helped give me the confidence I needed to talk

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Deep Thought Thursday: Satisfying an Unreasonable (?) Client

You were thrilled to get that commission, but the excitement soon wore off. You can’t make your client happy! You do and re-do and start all over again. How do you handle an unsatisfied client in a professional manner while standing your ground?

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Deep Thought(s) Thursday: Do you owe your gallery?

If someone found you on a gallery website, do you owe your gallery a finder’s fee? How do you know? Does it make a difference if the client wants a custom painting that doesn’t yet exist?

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Deep Thought Thursday: Could you make it blue instead of pink?

What would you do (as an artist) when a client wants to buy a painting, for a few thousand dollars, but requires one of the minor details be changed? Would you alter the painting or not?

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