Are you ready to face the judges?

Work of Art on Bravo

Curators, gallerists, and critics will ask hard questions. They expect answers, so you need to be prepared to respond. If you want to play with the big girls and boys, you have to be able to articulate what your art is about.

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Thinking about winging a presentation? Think again

Workshop presentation isn’t rocket science. As long as you act professionally and take a little time to prepare you can easily add workshops and lectures to your art career repertoire. Photographer (and workshop designer) Jacqueline Webster shares her experiences in this guest blog post for Art Biz Blog.

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Art Marketing Action + Podcast: Implement a Policy for Answering Questions

If you’ve become a Go-To Answer Guy or Gal, it’s time to implement a policy that will preserve your sanity. Consider using my example as a starting point and creating your own. Perhaps you can adapt it for in-person situations, too.

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Deep Thought Thursday: 1 word

Sometimes you cringe at the words people use to describe your art. Other times, you discover new ways of looking at your own art just by listening to people. What one word are you hoping they’ll say?

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Art Marketing Action: Take a deep breath

When something you’ve read makes you angry or frustrated, take a deep breath. If you need to, write out your response, but never send it. Take the time to distance yourself from the situation so that you can look at it more objectively.

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Podcast: Turn the conversation around

Do you find yourself getting defensive when you are asked questions about your art you don’t like? Engaging questions help to educate art viewers and, because they build knowledge and an increased level of comfort, go a long way to turning art viewers into art buyers.

Yes! We have winners!

As I say in the podcast, this topic grew from a Deep Thought Thursday contest I posted a couple of weeks ago. It asked how you respond to the question “How long did it take you to make that?” I selected two winners–those whose answers I felt were the best of the 69 responses at the time the contest ended.

The winners are Liz Crain and Quinn McDonald.

In her response to “How long did

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