Add a copyright symbol © to your credit line

How to add a copyright © symbol on your PC or Mac.

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Deep Thought Thursday: Stealing your ideas

Deep thoughts happen even on Christmas Eve!

How do you handle it when you think another artist is “stealing” your ideas?

Caroline Douglas, The Chariot Race. Ceramic sculpture. ©The Artist

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Recording available for artists’ rights phone call with John T. Unger

John T. Unger is my guest on this 30-minute recording. He shares insight into an art copyright lawsuit that has been brought against him and how it might affect other artists.

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Using other artists’ images on your blog

Picture 22

When it’s okay to use someone else’s artwork on your site, how to do it, and when it’s probably best to ask ahead of time. Also, how to deal with someone who has swiped one of your images without crediting you AND how to credit images on your blog.

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