Art Critics Really Said This

art critics Roberta Smith (New York Times) and Jerry Saltz (New York Magazine)

Last week I sat in the audience and listened to husband-and-wife art critics Roberta Smith (New York Times) and Jerry Saltz (New York Magazine). They were in town at the invitation of Denver’s Clyfford Still Museum. (The photo here was taken from my seat.)

What struck me most was not just how much art they see (a ton), but the wide variety of art that interests them. They go to show after show after show, and then they want to see more. They never tire of looking at art. Saltz confessed to looking for all-night galleries to satisfy their obsession.

You might be tempted to discount critics, but you would be wrong not to listen to people who have spent decades looking at artist after artist, exhibition after exhibition, and style after style.

Much of this dynamic duo’s conversation

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Can Art Change the World?

Diversity: hands on a globe

Many artists throughout history have had lofty goals for their art: Lead people to a higher spiritual plane, bring diverse people together, nurture peace. Can art do this? Why? How?

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Is It Art or Entertainment?

There used to be Arts sections in all large newspapers. As newspapers get smaller and smaller, arts sections disappear or are folded into sections like Entertainment or Lifestyle. What’s the difference between Art & Entertainment?

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Art Lies and Truth

“Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth.” – Pablo Picasso. What did he mean by this?

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Art vs. The Spirit of Art

Concrete Floor

“Most art museums want to be professional purveyors of art. . . . But I want to capture the spirit of art, which may be more important than art itself.”

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Interested or Interesting

©2005 Rona Green, Party Fink. Linocut and watercolor, 33 x 33 centimeters.

In Letters to a Young Artist, Julia Cameron writes: Remember that art is about being interested, not about being interesting. True?

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If Everyone is an Artist

If everyone is an artist, where does that leave you? What do you call yourself? How does what you do differ from the “artist” who discovers the cure for an epidemic or the “artist” who maneuvers a brilliant business takeover?

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Awareness < Deep Thought Thursday

From the video posted on this art:21 post, artist Robert Irwin says, “The role of art is to, in a sense, bring you to a point where you’re aware.” Discuss.

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Finding Meaning < Deep Thought Thursday

How does making art lead to finding meaning? Meaning about . . . ? Meaning in . . . ? How does making art help you build meaningful relationships?

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Public sculpture evokes strong emotions on both sides, ignites dialog

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