How Is Your Customer Relations Department?

Trying to keep up good customer relations at my recent workshop in Nashville.

Critical to all of your marketing is how you treat people. How do you stay in touch with them? How do you show people you care? Let’s look at three aspects of maintaining good customer relationships: recency, frequency, and attentiveness. How do you make people feel special? How do you stay in touch with them? How do you show people you care?

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Valuable Business Lessons From Infusioncon

Infusioncon 2013

I spent last week with 2100 other Infusionsoft software enthusiasts in Scottsdale, Arizona at Infusioncon 2013. In no particular order, here are some things I learned that I thought might be useful to you. From Jay Baer, author of The Now Revolution and the forthcoming Youtility . . . When marketing onine, we’re no longer competing against just others in our same market.

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Is the customer always right?

Customer with Credit Card

That’s what we’re told: The customer is always right. Is it true? Deep Thought Thursday.

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Opportunities You Should Turn Down

Think of all the times you wish you had said No to an opportunity that came your way. What’s the worst thing that can happen when you say No? What’s the best thing that can happen when you say No? Does it bring you peace of mind? Here are three reasons you should turn down opportunities that don’t feel right.

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Art Marketing Action + Podcast: Exceed Expectations

Under-promise and over-deliver–this is a key business rule. It means that you should 1) never promise more than you can make good on and 2) surpass any expectations. In other words, wow your patrons, curators, administrators, and gallerists with speed, efficiency, and quality.

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Trade-ins as upgrades

In response to last week’s newsletter on offering upgrades, Tina Mammoser commented:

Tina Mammoser, On the Sands, ©The Artist

Basically I offer a trade-in on paintings for the current sale value towards a larger painting. It’s win-win: some collectors may not be able afford the high price of a larger work, or they might prefer something bigger rather than building a set. The collector also gains from the increase in the value of my work too since I trade it for the current value of that size.

For me I get back smaller works that are still sought after. In the current economy I see that as a big benefit for me. There may be more demand for smaller works and upgrades can help me keep a good range of smaller pieces on offer while also allowing me to continue creating the larger

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Podcast: Be an awesome host or hostess: Part 1

When you invite someone to your opening, your home, or your studio, you’d better treat them right.


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