Exhibit Proposals that Came Across My Desk

A lot of exhibition proposals came across my desk when I worked in art museums. Most were from exhibit touring companies, but some were from individual artists or art organizations.

In the museum, it was important that any exhibit we booked from outside our collection was (1) fundable, (2) educational, and (3) something that would bring people into our galleries. Curators don’t always have ultimate control over what is exhibited. They must consult with educators (What programs could we line up with this exhibit? Would school groups come to see this?), development directors (Could we get a grant for this? Is there a major donor that would partially fund this?), the board of directors, and, of course, the director. If you’re interested in showing your art in museums, I suggest knowing more about how they work. See The Artist-Museum Relationship: What You Need to Know.

I would say that 90% of the proposals from individual [...]