Art Marketing Action Podcast: Publicity Resources for Promoting an Art Event

Audio version of the post with the same name. Other people can help you promote your art events more effectively if you offer a stash of publicity resources. Use this publicity checklist of 6 items to prepare before asking for help. [...]

Give people the tools they need to promote your art and events

If you want people to help you promote your event, you have to give them the tools they need. You have to be clear about what you want them to do and how you can help them do it. Whether you’re promoting an exhibit opening, a workshop, a demonstration, a fundraiser, or a performance, you must make it easy for others to promote you. [...]

Art Marketing Action + Podcast: Get the Word Out Early and Often

You can’t send one announcement for your art event and expect it to be effective. People typically have to see the same information multiple times—in multiple ways—before they will act on it. Mix up your delivery methods as described in this post, and you’ll be much more effective with your promotions. [...]

Deep Thought Thursday: Weird Exhibit Themes

Art Hilger, Spirit Face. Wood. ©The Artist

Art Hilger is tired of the same ole, lame ole exhibit themes. He asks:

What was the most unique or unusual gallery show theme that you ever entered, wanted to enter, or would like to see solicited?

I’m so tired of “Black and White”, Landscapes in Red (pick a color), Self portraits, etc. etc. etc.

Looking for something weird, like “Nude Kangaroos,” “Elephants in Pantyhose,” “Firemen in Fear,” etc.–something for which a box has not yet been made to be outside of. Something that no rules have yet been made for (like ending a sentence with a preposition).

If you haven’t been lucky enough to participate in the world of weird exhibit themes, maybe you have an idea for something off the wall that you’ve been too shy to share. As Art demonstrated in his examples, NOTHING is off limits.

C’mon! Get weird!

Send to [...]

Art Marketing Action + Podcast: Ask for Clarification

Too often we flounder because we’re afraid of asking someone to clarify instructions for a grant proposal or exhibit submission. We’re afraid of the answer, so we’d rather guess. Or we’re lazy. Asking makes you look smart. Here are four benefits of asking for clarification. Here are four benefits of asking for clarification. [...]

Know when it’s time to move on to new exhibit venues

Janice McDonald

When something starts feeling too easy, you must reevaluate and make sure it’s serving your goals. You’ll never get anywhere by playing it safe. Moving beyond your comfort zone is a big step, but necessary if you want more from your art. [...]

Art Marketing Action: Get your art out of the studio

Your work isn’t doing you any good stuck in your studio. While you’re waiting for the ideal opportunity, your art is aging. As it ages, so do you. Your ideas get stale because you’re not sharing your art and getting feedback. You’re not growing. [...]

Art Marketing Action: Double check your publicity text

When you send an invitation or are notified that details are posted on your venue’s site, double check the information against the 5 Ws and 1 H. Providing all of the details will save you time answering emails and phone calls. Getting it right the first time will also reflect your professionalism. [...]

Podcast: Ask for sponsorship

Interested in having a sponsor for your art opening or event? Listen to learn about specific steps to take when presenting sponsorship opportunities to people and businesses that want to be in front of your audience.


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Promote an out-of-town event

Marietta, Georgia sculptor Steve Miller has a benefit sale in Chicago later this spring. How it came to be in Chicago is a story in itself, and Steve admits that he doesn’t have many connections in the Windy City. Still, he’d like to help the organization hosting the sale promote it.

While you can’t always be in the same town where your art is being exhibited, you can help promote the event from a distance. Here are ten suggestions.

Annie Salness, Crosswalk. Acrylic on masonite, 12 x 12 inches. ©The Artist

1. Be clear on your responsibilities and those of the venue or other parties involved. Who takes care of press releases and invitations? Who pays for which expenses? Where is there overlap? These responsibilities should be outlined in writing. It’s essential to making sure that tasks aren’t duplicated or, worse, that you’re sending out a message that contradicts one from the venue.

2. [...]