Are you spamming people?

Spam isn’t just sending bulk email to those who haven’t requested it. Spam is also rampant on blogs, Facebook, and Twitter. Make sure you’re not spamming people!

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How to Organize Photos of Your Art on Facebook

It’s much easier to promote your Facebook pages when your art is well organized in photo albums. Create photo albums on your page that make sense and that have only related images within them. Organize them as you would on a website.

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Create a Fan Page (Business Page) on Facebook: Updated

I’m keeping my promise to artists I met on my book tour and at my workshop last week that I would post updated instructions for creating a business page on Facebook.

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How (and Why) to Tag People on Facebook

Tagging people on Facebook, when done with a generous spirit, can make you fast friends.

Why tag people on Facebook? To be nice, of course! To reach out. You might want to:

Promote their upcoming exhibits Talk about what a nice job they did teaching a workshop Brag about their art Gush about how much you enjoy their book

The best place to mention people (“tag” them) on Facebook is on your business page because it is public. Anyone can see it or link to it.

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You ARE an Artist – Even on Facebook

Facebook Page Categories

Facebook wants to categorize your business page and, as with most things on Facebook, it isn’t intuitive what you should select. In 3 short steps, you’ll find the Artist category.

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Starting an Online Presence for Your Art

Outside of a full-blown website, there are two options to get your art online quickly. A Facebook official page is the fastest and easiest, but a blog will yield longer-lasting results. It all depends on what you need right now.

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Social Media Is Only a Tool

Janis Kirstein, Snow Day. Mixed media on paper.

Are you relying too much on Facebook?

I have heard of many artists abandoning their blogs in favor of Facebook.

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Janis Kirstein, Snow Day. Mixed media on paper, 14 x 10 inches. ©The Artist

Facebook should be only one of your marketing tools. You can’t throw all of your faith behind a site you don’t control. It’s like putting your career – everything you’ve worked so hard for – in the hands of a single gallery.

You Can’t Control Facebook

Facebook changes the rules of the game constantly, and often without warning.

Recently, Facebook decided that it knows better than you whose feeds you want to read on your home page on Facebook. It changed the default feed to “Friends and pages you

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Blog Comments on Facebook

Don’t worry because people comment on your posts on your Facebook page instead of your blog. Be grateful for their presence.

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5 Ways to Invite Friends & Fans on Facebook to Your Event

So, you’ve created an event on Facebook. Who’s going to see it? How can you get it in front of people? In this short video, I walk you through the process of targeting your invitation to friends and/or fans.

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Create an Event on Your Facebook Fan Page

It’s easy to post art exhibits, shows, and sales as events on your Facebook fan page. This 5-minute video shows you how in just a few simple steps.

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