Vanity Galleries vs. Co-ops

Janice McDonald Collages

I was talking with an artist-friend the other day and this came up . . . Deep Thought: What’s the difference between a vanity gallery and a co-op? Why are co-ops (where artists pay to be members) considered okay, whereas vanity galleries (where artists pay to exhibit) are off-limits? [...]

Friendsourcing for a Successful Gallery Opening

Journeys November 2012

Guest blogger Marcia Crumley shares her first solo exhibition last November in Boston was a spectacular success. She’s a bit of a control freak, so letting go of certain things was very challenging at first, particularly when those tasks involved the art itself. But as the opening date grew closer and the to-do list kept getting longer, Marcia realized that accepting help from others was the only way to get it all done. [...]

Why Artists Should Embrace Galleries

Janice McDonald Collages

The way we promote, sell, and buy art is rapidly changing, but there are still many good reasons to consider gallery representation. Here’s a list to remind you of the upside of working with a gallery. . . . A gallerist acts as your agent. A good gallery will be your advocate and business partner. They will work to manage your career and help you raise your status and prices. [...]

What Galleries Should Expect From Artists At Openings

Vanessa Turner Art

As a gallery artist, you have a responsibility to help commercial gallerists sell your art. Last week I wrote about the galleries’ responsibility to you at an exhibition opening. Now let’s talk about your role. What should galleries expect of you and from you at an opening? Above All . . . Ask a lot of questions. [...]

What Artists Should Expect From Galleries At Openings

Jenni Higginbotham

Artists can help galleries sell the art, but they have to feel wanted and appreciated at art openings and events. [...]

7 Rs For Finding A Gallery For Your Art

©Ruth Soller, Blossoming Crabapples, oil, 8x10. Used with permission.

Does the idea of approaching a gallery make you tremble in your boots? Guest blogger Ruth Soller shares her 7 step process that has earned representation for her in two new galleries this year – alongside nationally known artists. [...]

What is your opinion of co-op galleries?

Deep Thought Thursday: What do you think of co-op galleries? Why? What has informed the opinion you have? [...]

Are Art Galleries Still Relevant?

There is no doubt that art is sold through different avenues than it was 5 or 10 years ago. Deep Thought Thursday: What do the art galleries of the future look like? What do galleries need to do to stay relevant? [...]

Keeping Gallery Relations on the Up-and-Up

In the Pricing Your Art with Confidence program, Debby Williams and I stressed several times (Debby delivered the drill down) that you should never ever undersell your galleries. Artist Cherilyn SunRidge asked for clarification. I thought I’d share my responses here. [...]

Cutting Ties with a Gallery < Deep Thought Thursday

How does an artist end a relationship with a gallery if it is not going well? How do you keep it civil and friendly while looking for another gallery in that same city? [...]