Task List Navigation for Peace of Mind

Everyone feels overwhelmed at times. I find myself in this position more than I would like to admit and thought I’d share a process that has worked for me. First, make a list of everything that needs to get done, including the small steps necessary to complete the larger tasks. Everything!

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Organizing Your Projects Visually

Guest Blogger: Sally J. Smith

After your teleseminar with Carolyn Edlund, I was inspired to map out a system that would help me manage all the details of my very full list of goals.

I sat down and wrote out what my ultimate goal was and then the various opportunities I have to get there. Then under each one

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How to Avoid Information Overload

You will always have a hard time focusing on your art and prioritizing your art business if you haven’t taken the time to assess and plan. Knowing your priorities helps you avoid information overload.

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Low on Brain Cells? 6 Brainless Business Actions

©2012 Mel Ristau, At the Start of a New Day. Pigmented digital print.

We all have moments when we feel our creative juices are spent. Here are six brainless business actions you can take when you don’t have the energy to think too much.

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8 Time-Saving Tips for Your Inbox


Isabella Kelly-Ramirez, Wildfire. Oil, 32 x 24 inches.

If you’re not overwhelmed by too much email, you’re one of the few.

If you’re fed up with hundreds of messages in your inbox or if you find that you’re not responding to very important messages, it’s time to get a grip on your email.

Here are my top time-saving tips for email.

1. Turn off your email notifications. You don’t need to

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Art Marketing Action: Trick and Treat Yourself

If you’ve been procrastinating something, identify it. After you’ve confessed, you can trick yourself into completing it and getting it off your mind. Of course, your tricks can be followed by treats.

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Art Marketing Action: Prepare for the holidays

It’s time to make some decisions about the holidays. The first big decision: Will you send holiday cards or not? Here are some pointers to get you started so you’re not frantically throwing them together at the last minute.

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Clean out for spring

It’s spring! And we’re emerging from hibernation here in the Northern Hemisphere. We’ve been cooped up for months and may be a little weary of our surroundings. It’s the perfect time to shed the weight. Not THAT weight. The weight of things . . . of junk. It’s time for spring cleaning.

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Big dreams, big plans

I’m finishing up Christine Kane’s Great Big Dreams retreat in the mountains north of Asheville, NC. Tonight, I’m back at home and getting ready for a big week. And I can’t believe it’s October!

The Get Organized class starts with a kickoff call Tuesday night, and then the INSIGHTS series begins on Thursday night with an interview with Evon Zerbetz. Oh, yeah, and then I head into the

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