Don’t Write a Grant Proposal Without This Book

Every artist thinking of applying for a grant should own a copy of Gigi Rosenberg’s recently published The Artist’s Guide to Grant Writing. Gigi’s writing is warm and accessible. She weaves her personal story and experiences into a text that could be terribly dry. It’s not. Gigi makes you believe you can do this. And she gives you the tools to get down to work.

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The Downside of Grants <- Deep Thought Thursday

Surely there’s a downside to receiving a funding grant. Surely there are several. What do you think are disadvantages of receiving an individual artist grant? Do the benefits outweigh the disadvantages?

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It’s time again for my annual Memorial Day issue. This is the day I give you reminders of what you should be doing to build your career and reputation and to sell more art. This is an incomplete list that reflects some truths as I see them at the moment.

Remember that you are in charge. This is your life and your career. Don’t listen to anyone else’s definition of success, but know how you would define success for yourself. Don’t sit by as others try to steal your power.

Remember that your mailing list is your #1 asset. Get it organized, update it, and, most importantly, use it.

Remember that your images stand in for your artwork. Make sure they are first-rate.

Remember that your artist statement is the backbone of your marketing efforts. Until you can articulate what

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