7 Ways to Establish That Your Art Has Value

Alyson Champ, Omelette. Oil on linen.

Whether or not you have a sales track record for your art, practice these 7 ideas whenever you can in order to establish value for your art and to gain confidence in your work. [...]

Artists’ Ideas <- Deep Thought Thursday

Today’s Deep Thought should get your juices flowing. All I’m asking is . . . Is there such a thing as an original idea in art anymore? Has everything been done before? Have all the good ideas been taken? [...]

Make your art big enough to hold your ideas and dreams

Don’t let size or space be an issue when you make your art. Make your art it as big as it needs to be in order to hold your ideas and dreams. If it’s good enough, it will find a home. If you have to borrow a truck to haul it, you’ll do that, too. [...]

Deep Thought Thursday: 1 piece of art

Me with de Kooning's Woman IV at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Here’s a little game you can play at the next exhibit you visit. What do you want to take home with you? Why? Play the game by thinking back to the last art exhibit you visited. [...]

Podcast: Ignite the fire in your belly

Ignite the fire in your belly! You need to be a self-starter and find the enthusiasm that will energize you to succeed in making a living from your art. Here are six ideas to keep the flame burning brightly!

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Podcast: Exercise your gratitude muscle

Saying “Thanks” isn’t something you should take lightly. It should be a serious component of your art business.

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