16 Ways to Demonstrate Your Art Has Value

Sarah Snavely demonstrates how she packs her sculpture – securely and professionally. Image used with permission.

Sometimes we get sloppy and forget that everything we do and say around our work affects how others perceive it. You teach people how to treat you and your art. Make sure you’re sending the right signals. Here are 16 things to consider.

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Pointers on Wall Labels for Your Art Exhibition

Barbara Gilhooly painting label

Approach the making of the labels you place next to your artwork with thoughtfulness and common sense. At a bare minimum, your wall labels should include your name, object title, and media/support/technique. A retrospective of your work should also include the dates.

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Art Too Big? No Such Thing!

Rebecca diDomenico, Pallucid

I often write about making art big enough to hold your dreams. Pallucid was built in Rebecca diDomenico’s large living room over the course of a year, but she didn’t think much about how she was going to get it out of her home and into the museum. She said: You find a way.

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Crediting your artwork

I've always appreciated the way Brian Kliewer has credited his images on his blog.

Whether you post images of your art on a blog, a website, or on a social media site like Facebook, you need to give yourself credit for your artwork. In addition to your name, add the title, media, and dimensions with each work. They help your readers to better envision the artworks in their homes and offices.

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