Appraise an online gallery

There are some fantastic art galleries on the Internet, which are run by people who genuinely care about their artists and want to help them succeed. Then there are Web galleries that are in it for the big bucks. They’re more than happy to take your money. They don’t advertise and don’t care much whether or not you make sales because they make their money through subscriptions.

Every day there are new opportunities to show your art online. Every day

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Assume Nothing, Polish Your Communication

You know what it’s like. You both read or saw the same thing. You both participated in the same conversation. But each of you took away something completely different. It happens every day. And it really mucks things up. Because after you talk or email, you go your separate ways and forge your paths based on what you THINK you heard and on what you THINK the other person is acting on.

Assume nothing. Polish your communication.

Whether you’re ironing

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