Storing Your Contact Lists

While it would be nice for your contact list to be stored in a single database, life doesn’t usually work out that neatly. I share how my contact lists are stored among three different platforms: 2 on my computer and 1 online.

Old-fashioned Marketing (that Works!)

Shelly Lewis Stanfield, Fresh. Acrylic and charcoal on birch panel

Not embracing email, blogs, and social media? Not to worry! Artists can achieve amazing results with traditional marketing and networking.

Art Marketing Action Podcast: Old-fashioned Marketing

Audio version of the post with the same name. Not embracing email, blogs, and social media? Not to worry – artists can achieve amazing results with traditional marketing.

Cleaning Up Your Mailing List

I like Catherine Foster’s recent email blast that encouraged recipients to unsubscribe if they did not want to remain on her list. Read her very short message and why I like it.

Redefine Your Mailing List

Lynda Cole, Moonlight March. Pigment ink on rag paper.

Your #1 asset in your art business is the people you know and, more importantly, the people who know you.

We group these people together, call them a “mailing list” and store their information in a database. If we’re on top of things, we use that information from time to time.

Lynda Cole, Moonlight March. Pigment ink on rag paper, 8 x 20 inches. Edition 25. ©The Artist

In 2007 I defined an artist mailing list as follows:

. . . a mailing list contains names and contact information of people you know or might like to know. For the artist, a mailing list usually begins with friends and family, and then expands to buyers and potential buyers. You use your mailing list to stay in touch with all of these people — to keep them informed of your

Art Marketing Action Podcast: Redefine Your Mailing List

Audio version of the post with the same name. Your database of contacts consists of your mailing lists and connections through social media. While all contacts are valuable, your traditional mailing list is comprised of the people who have purchased art from you or supported you in some other way, and they are the most valuable contacts you have.

What is a contact list?

The definition of a mailing list should be expanded and reconsidered as a “contact list.” Social media puts you in touch with all kinds of people that aren’t on your traditional mailing list.

Invite Friends to Join Your Newsletter List

Jeanne Guerin-Daley, Friendship Sprig, cyanotype

Your friends are not open targets for bulk email messages. Ask them politely if they want to be included in your list and make it easy for them to subscribe. Remember to send them a sample of what they’ll be receiving and tell them how often they can expect to hear from you. If they don’t sign up the first time, email them again in 3-4 months.

A Strategy for Asking People for Their Contact Information

Lisa McShane

Two things about my process for collecting contact information are key. 1. There is no sign-up in full view, so the information remains private. 2. The request is active and in person. When people give us their email, they know they’ll be getting a “painting in their inbox” (and an immediate thank you for stopping by the show) and nothing more.

Art Marketing Action + Podcast: Send It Snail Mail

The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article on why businesses should continue using snail mail. But what do you send? Today’s post has five categories of items that you can share with your entire list or select individuals.