The Best Idea for Unloading Unsold Art

Black Forest Fire painting

We received loads of good ideas for what to do with earlier artwork that is taking up emotional energy and inventory space.

Many of you wanted to donated it to charity, sell it at a steep discount, repurpose it, or destroy it. On top of this, a number of you said that if it’s not up to your standards, you should rework or destroy it rather than give it away. I agree.

As promised, I have selected a winner. Be sure to keep reading for the honorable mentions.

The Winner

©Carol A. McIntyre, Nature’s Promise. Oil on panel, 20 x 20 inches.

The best idea for “how to get rid of earlier art” is from Carol McIntyre. Knowing Carol, this solution fits her m.o. Like her painting and personality, Carol tackles unwanted work with a flair.

She writes .

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The Role of Failure in Your Art Practice

Reclining Nude

Failure. It’s a loaded word. Lisa Call attended a panel discussion at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design that I couldn’t attend and thought this question had a lot of value. Deep Thought: Is failure in your art practice something to be embraced, managed, or forgotten?

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What Did You Learn From Your Art Teachers?

I knew I was an artist when we made cut-out bunnies in grade school because mine was the only bunny with a hula skirt on. I was fascinated with Hawaii at the time. Two other art teachers have also left a big impression on me.

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To Create Is To Destroy

I was taken by the subject line from photographer Beth Thompson in my inbox. The quote “To create is to destroy” is apparently taken from Keri Smith’s book, Wreck This Journal. Deep Thought Thursday: True?

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How to Act Like The CEO Of Your Art Business

You are the CEO of your art business. The CEO is the person at the top of a company’s hierarchy. The buck stops, ultimately, with the CEO. Start acting like the CEO of your art business with these 5 tips.

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Deep Thought Thursday: Is there such a thing as wasted time in the studio?

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Good Theft vs. Bad Theft

When do you stop imitating your art heroes? How do you know when to stop imitating and start emulating? How can we teach students the difference between imitating and emulating?

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The Moment of Flailing Panic

Deep Thought Thursday : In the creation of any work of art, there is some point, no matter how much training and experience is brought to bear on the work at hand, when the artist is taken with a feeling of both exhilaration and terror, the Oh shit. What the hell have I gotten myself into! moment

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Art is Protest < Deep Thought Thursday


ART IS PROTEST. – John Perreault What do you think?

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When do you destroy your art? < Deep Thought Thursday

When do you decide it’s time to give up on a piece and recycle its components?

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