Produce Pete Bought My Art Because of the Title

Dorothy Lorenze Painting

Guest blogger: Dorothy Byers Lorenze . . . One Saturday morning I was watching Produce Pete – the veggie guru on the NBC New York affiliate station who chats about seasonal fruits and vegetables each week. On that day, Pete was expounding on the glory of asparagus and he stuck the stalks in a glass of water, held it aloft and proclaimed, “THIS is how you keep asparagus fresh!”

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Key Business Lessons from Life Roles

I’ve had various titles and roles throughout my life. These are a few of the lessons I’ve learned from being an art history student, an art collector, a museum curator, a museum educator, and an assistant to a United States Senator.

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Open Yourself to Possibility

Jody Lee, Morsel II, C-print

When someone suggests you should try Twitter, do you proclaim that it’s silly?

When you’re urged to mail postcards, do you say it’s too expensive?

When you’re told that you should start an artist newsletter, do you respond that you don’t have anything to say?

Saying No vs. Saying Yes

I often teach my clients how to say No in order to bring some sanity into their hectic schedules. It’s important to learn to say No to things that don’t serve you well.

But it’s equally important to say Yes and to be open to possibility. It’s critical that you don’t erect walls that fence you off from valuable experiences.

Jody Lee, Morsel II. C-print. ©2007 The Artist

When I first started my business,

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Art Marketing Action Podcast: Open Yourself to Possibility

Audio version of the newsletter. It’s important to learn to say No, but it’s equally important to say Yes and to be open to possibility. Saying “Yes, and . . .” immediately changes your outlook from negative to positive. It opens up your world.

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