Deep Thought Thursday: Scary

With Halloween approaching, I can’t help asking about fears. What’s scary about being an artist and how do you get past that fear?

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Resist the Urge to Be The Fixer

You can offer all kinds of tips and advice to other artists, but it won’t do any good until the artists are ready. You can’t help people who aren’t prepared to receive.

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Podcast: Stop, and then get to work

Are you looking for that one thing that will propel your art career forward faster than you could have imagined?

It’s easy to get lost in the quest for knowledge. Stop looking for knowledge that you already have and then get to work. Listen to your wise inner self!


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Podcast: Ignite the fire in your belly

Ignite the fire in your belly! You need to be a self-starter and find the enthusiasm that will energize you to succeed in making a living from your art. Here are six ideas to keep the flame burning brightly!

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Take Yourself Seriously

On several occasions over the last few weeks, I have heard artists talking about their “real job.” I don’t let this slide. I’m quick to point out that if you want to be taken seriously as an artist, you must stop referring to another job as your “real job.” Artist Lisa Call calls it a “safe job.” Others might call it a “day job.” But always remember that if you want to be considered a professional,

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