Art Marketing Action Podcasts: Uncommonly Grateful

Audio version of the post with the same name. During this Thanksgiving holiday, take a moment to acknowledge a debt of gratitude for what you are grateful for in your life.

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Boo! Spook Yourself Into Action

Beth Robinson

While I usually try to be reassuring and supportive, I’m here to scare you today with a post that has become an annual Halloween tradition. I hope it spooks you into action.

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Need Motivation? Ask “Why?”

If you don’t know why you want to accomplish certain things, you’re going to have a hard time prioritizing and moving forward. Take time to identify and write down your motives.

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Independence from . . .

Matt Drysdale, Independence Day

Free yourself from worry, self-doubt, and small thinking. On this Independence Day, declare your independence from these states of mind that are holding you back.

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Art and Business Aren’t Separate

Have you been compartmentalizing your business in your mind? Have you been thinking that it needs a different space (time, schedule) than the one you give your art? Stop it! You’ll be more more effective if you stop thinking of your business actions as separate from your art.

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Decide What Your Year Will Look Like

DECIDE that each day will be a good day and that you’ll be in a good mood. That’s right: You can decide. DECIDE that you’ll sing, smile, laugh, and dance more often. DECIDE to make this a rewarding year filled with things and people you love.

DECIDE to set boundaries around your studio time. The discipline of a studio practice is what makes you a professional. DECIDE to try a different color, experiment with a new media, or open yourself to art that is different from your own. DECIDE to be supportive of all artists in your community.

Scott Courtenay-Smith, Sky, Roof, Man #2. Oil on canvas, 18 x 18 inches. ©The Artist

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Believe In Your Art

Patrick Howe, Yellow Leaves. Oil on canvas, each panel is 18 x 18 inches. ©The Artist

In 2004 I received a phone message from an alert member who had stumbled upon the current episode of “The Apprentice” and said I had to see it. Knowing that I was two hours behind her, I’d be able to catch it. Fortunately, I got her message in time.

The weekly competition in that episode was for each of the two teams to arrange an art opening for a single artist of their choosing. Whoever sold the most art at the opening won the stage. It was that simple.

The teams visited four artists and each selected the one they wanted to work with. One team ended up selling over $13,000 worth of art, while the other

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Deep Thought Thursday: Doubt

If you haven’t read de Kooning: An American Master, you simply must! This Pulitzer Prize winning book was terrific. It told the personal and professional struggles of one of the 20th Century’s most important artists.

One of the most revealing quotes about de Kooning’s relationship to his art was from someone close to de Kooning. She said:

He was always in doubt.

Do you doubt your work?

Is it better to be sure or to doubt?

Is it possible to be sure?

©Carla Sanders

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Podcast: Stop, and then get to work

Are you looking for that one thing that will propel your art career forward faster that you could have imagined?

It’s easy to get lost in the quest for knowledge. Stop looking for knowledge that you already have and get to work. Listen to your wise inner self!


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Podcast: Return to your art

The disciplined practice of making art is mandatory. Everything else is optional–even (gasp!) marketing.

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The last episode of the Art Marketing Action podcast was November 22, 2010. You can listen to or download any episode on iTunes.

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