Be an awesome host or hostess: Part 2

Your open studio or open house is for showing off your art and nurturing relationships with current and future collectors of your art. In Part 1 of this series, I wrote about preparing for your event. This week, I’ll give you a series of tips focused on handling sales.

To begin, designate a space in your studio as the sales area and have a desk or comfortable place to write tickets.

Jackie Longino Davidson, Catnap. Watercolor on paper, 22 x 15 inches. ©The Artist

If you’re thinking about doing everything by yourself, please rethink that strategy. Tap someone else to take care of processing sales so that you can tend to guests. Your salesperson should wear a name tag that says “sales” under her name and should be aware of any leverage she has in

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Be An Awesome Host or Hostess: Part 1

The holidays are coming up, and you might be planning an open house or open studio event. Make your guests feel welcome. In this first article, I focus on how to best prepare for the day with a list of thirteen tips.


Tell everyone you invite if your event is open to all. If it is, encourage them to bring guests.

Inform your guests ahead of time about directions, mass transit options, and parking. Be specific about any parking fees, off-limits parking, and one-way streets.

Put out a sign or festive holiday flag–especially if your location isn’t easy to identify from the street.

Clear out clutter and anything unnecessary in the space. Even the usual furniture can be removed to make room for more people, but leave a few chairs in case someone comes that can’t stand for an

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