Twitter Tweekly for August 25 2013

@abstanfield on Twitter

A couple of weeks ago I asked if you were reading the Tweekly and I was delighted that many of you found it helpful. So here goes another edition. A curated list of my top tweets from the past two weeks. Includes art business tweets, general biz tweets that might be inspirational, practical tips for email and social media, and news about the art world.

Twitter Tweekly for February 10 2013

@abstanfield on Twitter

Here are some of my top tweets from the past few weeks. I’ve starred the ones I think are must reads for you. Art Tweets: 10 Ways to Make Your Art Business Stand Out via @ArtsyShark.

Bias and Prejudice in the Art World

Two recent discussions have made me think about the dark, unseemly side of the art world. Choose your beef: ageism, gender bias, racism. Hot stuff.

Pricing for Art Consultants :: Deep Thought Thursday

Most art consultants are asking artists to give them their wholesale pricing. Is that okay? What happens when you give the consultant–or even a gallery–leeway to choose their own pricing?

Deep Thought Thursday: Art agents and reps

Is there such a thing as a fine art representative or agent (not gallerist) that can do all the work for you?

How are they paid?

How do you find them?

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