Art You Don't Like

Deep Thought

Sometimes we grow out of art that isn’t our own. Our tastes change. Or we were gifted a piece by a generous artists, but it’s not really “us” or it doesn’t fit in our home or with our aesthetic. [...]

Drink Eggnog and Be Merry! The Recipe


Cheers to those who look forward my recipe for Bert’s Eggnog each year! I’m a little like Susan Stamberg who annually recites her cranberry relish recipe on NPR and, despite its ghastly Pepto-Bismol coloring, swears it’s delicious. (I’ve had it and beg to differ!) Anyhoo . . . I PROMISE my eggnog recipe is the nectar of the gods and goddesses. [...]

Pick Two 8-Day Sale and a Confession


Did you ever know in advance what your Christmas presents were? Confession: I knew every year of my youth. And it didn’t happen honestly. I figured out where Mom hid all of our gifts before they had bows on them. As soon as she discovered I knew of her hiding place, she found another hiding place and then another. [...]