How Evernote Can Save Your Relationships with Collectors

Database/spreadsheet programs for artists can be complex and clunky. Guest blogger Laurie McCarriar outlines 5 ways to use Evernote, a free app for Mac, PC & mobile devices, to cultivate collectors. [...]

Twitter Tweekly for August 12 2012

A funny kids’ tour of MoMa, a Rothko paint-by-number kit, using video with Pinterest and much more in my bi-weekly roundup of top tweets from my Twitter stream. [...]

Are you in charge of your workflow?

In his talk to the World Domination Summit, Behance Founder/CEO Scott Belsky encouraged us to stop reacting and start pro-acting (my word) in order to protect our ideas and make them happen. When we react, we are inviting others to prioritize our time. We allow others to steal our attention away from our big ideas. [...]

Why Working in Coffee Shops Works

Computer at Coffee Shop

Grab your computer or your art materials and get thee to a coffee shop. There are at least four reasons to leave home and work amid the white noise of a café. [...]

Are your systems flawed?

filing system

Systems don’t work by themselves. You have to work the systems. To enact a new system, start with the desired result. [...]

Trick Yourself into Getting Things Done

Pumpkins on Porch ©Alyson B. Stanfield

If you’ve been procrastinating something, identify it. Give it a name. After you’ve confessed, you can trick yourself into completing it. Here are some tricks that have worked for me. [...]

Optimize Your Time

Harriete Estel Berman

Stop saying you don’t have enough time. It’s exhausting to hear that excuse over and over again, and you’re wasting time just thinking or saying those words. They’re unproductive. [...]

Make Room for Success: De-clutter

Clutter steals your attention away from more important matters. Spend the month of August clearing out, cleaning up, and making room for your success! [...]

8 Time-Saving Tips for Your Inbox

Fed up with the hundreds of messages in your inbox? Here some proven ideas for getting a grip on your email without having to pull out your hair. [...]

Artist-Mother Tips

What advice would you give other artist-mothers who might be struggling to find time for their art or feeling guilty about spending time on their art and away from their families? [...]