The Best Marketing Schedule


Every artist has a different productivity rhythm. Some people perform best in the mornings, while others hit their strides late at night. There isn’t a perfect schedule for marketing your art. The only rules are that you do it consistently and with purpose. Oops. I almost forgot the most important rule.

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Twitter Tweekly for November 3 2012

@abstanfield on Twitter

It’s the day you’ve been waiting for! The bi-weekly round-up of my top tweets on Twitter. A little of this and a little of that. I selected just the highlights for you. Here we go!

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Tell Me About Your Work Day

Melanie Morris

One of the most valuable things I do with clients is to help them with their productivity. We’re all stretched for time, but most of us aren’t using the time we have effectively. What does your artist work day look like? How much time do you spend in the studio each day?

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How Evernote Can Save Your Relationships with Collectors

Database/spreadsheet programs for artists can be complex and clunky. Guest blogger Laurie McCarriar outlines 5 ways to use Evernote, a free app for Mac, PC & mobile devices, to cultivate collectors.

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Twitter Tweekly for August 12 2012

A funny kids’ tour of MoMa, a Rothko paint-by-number kit, using video with Pinterest and much more in my bi-weekly roundup of top tweets from my Twitter stream.

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Are you in charge of your workflow?

In his talk to the World Domination Summit, Behance Founder/CEO Scott Belsky encouraged us to stop reacting and start pro-acting (my word) in order to protect our ideas and make them happen. When we react, we are inviting others to prioritize our time. We allow others to steal our attention away from our big ideas.

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Why Working in Coffee Shops Works

Computer at Coffee Shop

Grab your computer or your art materials and get thee to a coffee shop. There are at least four reasons to leave home and work amid the white noise of a café.

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How to Prioritize Your Online Marketing

Carolin Peters coordinates her website, blog, and Facebook account.

Understanding the mission for various online marketing platforms makes it easier to prioritize your efforts in communicating to your target audience.

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Are your systems flawed?

filing system

Systems can save your butt, but only if you work them as they were intended.

What needs to get done that isn’t? For example:

You’re not updating your contacts database often enough. Every time you go to send a mailing, you have to spend a couple of days adding names. →You need an efficient system for collecting names in a timely manner. You’re missing important deadlines. →You need a system for recording, reviewing, and meeting deadlines. You’ve neglected your blog. →You need a system for capturing ideas, writing drafts, and editing posts. System Components

Most systems need:

Defined results: What do you want to happen? Software or paper & pen to record data. Identification of other people involved and their tasks. Clear articulation of the steps and how they build on one another. Commitment to a regular check-in (e.g.

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Trick Yourself into Getting Things Done

Pumpkins on Porch ©Alyson B. Stanfield

If you’ve been procrastinating something, identify it. Give it a name. After you’ve confessed, you can trick yourself into completing it. Here are some tricks that have worked for me.

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