Art Marketing Action Podcast: Top Time-Savers for Your Art Business

Audio version of the post with the same name. The number one complaint I hear from artists is that they don’t have enough time. See if implementing one or more of these time saving strategies can buy you some sanity. [...]

Can your art business survive divorce?

Betty Ann McKinney

A loss is a loss whether it’s a death in your family, a disaster that strikes your home or studio, or divorce. Today we’re talking about divorce and how you might overcome it for your art career. But I imagine it can be applied to any loss. [...]

Art Marketing Action + Podcast: Devote 15 Minutes a Day to . . .

If you are one of the artists wrestling with a commitment to your studio, I have a solution: Spend just 15 minutes a day checking in with your art. This is all you need to promise yourself at this point. [...]

Sweep up your incompletes during Clean Slate Week

Wouldn’t it feel great if you started the New Year with a clean studio, office, and home? Think about spending this final week of the year tidying up all of the loose ends that have been nagging at you. And remember to put it on your calendar for next year. Don’t schedule other appointments. This week is just for you. [...]

Stop, and then get to work

Do you ever find yourself looking for more information than you need?

Do you catch yourself reading and reading (and clicking and clicking) and never taking action?

Are you looking for the magic bullet–that one thing (as if there were one thing) that will propel your art career forward faster than you could have imagined?

Eve Wheeler, Washed Ashore. Acrylic on canvas. ©The Artist Inspired by the photograph Conch Shell Study 8 by lisilk on, which was offered as a resource for all artists.

Stop! Stop gathering information, stop looking for something that doesn’t exist, and start doing.

There is no single thing you can do to “make it” in the art world. A successful career is the result of years of labor–both in and out of the studio. It is the sum of hundreds and thousands of actions, regardless of how small the actions seem at the moment.

It’s easy [...]

Podcast: Identify (only) the next action

Want to avoid a backlog of tasks and feeling overwhelmed by projects you need to complete?

Clearly define your tasks and identify only the next action for your task list. Always ask yourself: What’s the next action?

Listen to this week's podcast for guidance on how to be more productive.

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Identify (only) the next action

Clarity will help you get things done. When you’re fuzzy about what needs to be done, you tend to procrastinate. When you procrastinate, you create a backlog of tasks and overwhelm sets in.

Clearly define your tasks and identify only the next action for your task list.

Lisa Pressman, Seeds of Thought. Encaustic on cedar, 15 x 13 inches. ©The Artist

Instead of writing “Promote Exhibit” as a task, identify your next action for each area of promotions. “Promote Exhibit” requires many separate actions–it is not a single task. For example, you might have the following items as your next actions toward the “Promote Exhibit” goal.

Design postcard for exhibit Write blog post describing exhibit Add new contacts to mailing list database

“Next action” means that the tasks on your list do not have a dependent action that must be taken care of first. Always ask yourself: What’s the next action?

Beside each item, [...]

Carve out time for online networking

It happened again! I talk to a group of artists about using social media like blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I tell them that this is part of a marketing program and that, yes, it will take time. I warn them not to get sidetracked using social media and forget to go into the studio–that the studio is always the priority. Still, they grumble, whine, and make excuses. (I had spies at the lunch table after my talk!)

Dionisio Ceballos, Pulsation 16 Yellow. Oil on panel, 16 x 16 inches. ©The Artist

ALL worthwhile marketing takes time. You would love for me to hand you the name of an agent that will sweep you off your feet and whisk you off into the stars, wouldn’t you? You’d prefer that you can just buy a bunch of ads or send out a single mailing and have all of your dreams come true. Yeah, that would [...]

Tie up loose ends

Seeing January 1 on the calendar is enough to get almost anyone’s blood pumping. The thrill of starting fresh! The anticipation of creating new benchmarks and attaining new dreams! Oh, but wait. There’s a lot of crap that you need to get rid of –stuff that might get in your way if it doesn’t drive you crazy first.

What would it be like if the New Year felt . . . well . . . felt truly new?

This week’s action was first inspired by a previous edition of Rachelle Disbennett-Lee’s 365 Days of Coaching newsletter. She wrote:

I have what I call a Clean Slate week between Christmas and New Year’s. During this week, I clean my office, clean out files and cabinets, set up new files for the New Year and wrap up any loose ends. I also review my business and marketing plans and update them with my new goals for the [...]

Goals, Values, and Your Schedule

I won’t say it was easy, but it has been an eye-opening experience to see how my core values fit with my work and my impending book. I always knew that my life and work were forever intertwined, but now I know why.

I have been working with writing coach Cynthia Morris of Original Impulse to help me get my book proposal together by year’s end. At our first session, she eked my values out of me. My list looks something like this (not in any particular order): Excellence; Peace; Passion; Contributing/Giving; Respect; Adventure; Action; Knowledge; Creativity; Efficiency; Family; Spiritual.

Cynthia also had me write out a work schedule on my calendar. I have deadlines for each section of my book proposal through the end of the year as well as daily tasks and other priorities that just have to get done. I thought my weekly task list might be of interest to some of [...]