Make a Roadmap for Success

Road Map and Toy Car

If you have a big event or art exhibition coming up, don’t wing it. Create a promotional plan for peace of mind. 1. Define the individual tasks – make each one as specific as possible. They should require just one step to complete. David Allen calls them next actions. [...]

8 Websites to Consider When Promoting Art Events

Publicity expert Joan Stewart says artists should be using location-based, high-traffic sites that accept calendar listings, press releases, articles and photos. Add to the mix much smaller niche sites that help you target people who are passionate about things like pet paintings, beaded purses, clothing art and metal sculptures. [...]

Start Promoting Your Exhibition Now, Part 3: Execute Your Plan

Without execution, you just have a bunch of good ideas. The trick is taking those ideas and turning them into real commitments–commitments you know will boost your visibility and reputation, which will get you closer to your goals. Start by taking the list you came up with last week. Go through each item and set a deadline for completion of that task. You might even need to break it down into smaller baby steps and attach deadlines to each baby step. [...]

Start Promoting Your Exhibition Now, Part 2: Break Down Tasks

Now it’s time to make a list of everything you’d like to do to promote your exhibition. As you’re making this task list, keep your audience in mind. Who needs to know you’re having an exhibition? Whom would you like to show up at your opening? What magazines or newspapers should cover it? [...]

Start Promoting Your Exhibition Now, Part 1: Describe It

Artists often write to me just as they’re ramping up their promotional efforts a month or two out from their exhibition opening or special event. They’re looking for help. I can help, but they’ve really waited too long. If you know you have an event, exhibition, class, gallery talk, or workshop coming up, don’t put off your marketing. Start your promotions right now. [...]