Destroying Art as Protest

Allan Harding MacKay is a Canadian “war artist” who is destroying his art to protest treatment of veterans and aboriginals. The Casoria Contemporary Art Museum in Naples, Italy is burning art to protest a shortage of funds during times of austerity. Deep Thought Thursday.

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Caution: You Do Not Own the Art Review

©Catharine Carter, She’s Come Undone. Photomontage printed on Inkpress Baryta Paper using archival inks.

Wondering what the protocol is for reprinting an art review? You do not own a review of your art. Like your work, the words on that page or on your computer screen are copyrighted. Here are two options for the appropriate way to share a review of your work.

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News release format for all of your accomplishments

Today’s Art Biz Coach newsletter encourages you to write a news release. And then to write another. I mention the format in the newsletter, but now I want to show it to you. Below is a news release format you can copy. In your version, all links should be “hot” when they’re online or emailed to someone.


CONTACT INFO Workshop organizer contact: Judy Hemphill, 712.260.1373

Presenter contact: Alyson B. Stanfield, 303.273.5904

HEADING Artists Vacate Studios in Search of the Next Meal

SUBHEADING Artists learn self-promotion skills in Spencer, Iowa workshop

DATELINE Golden, CO, September 20, 2007—BODY “I’d rather be in the studio!” is an excuse that haunts art-marketing guru Alyson B. Stanfield, who oversees, the business site for artists. In trying to teach artists how to promote themselves and their art, Stanfield hears this so frequently

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