Twitter Tweekly for April 6, 2014

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Others might take issue, but I say these are my top tweets from the past two weeks. Please Share with the Art Biz Coach Community . . . It’s Brag Saturday on my FB page! C’mon over and tell us what you’ve been doing…

Twitter Tweekly for September 23 2012

@abstanfield on Twitter

It’s been a whole month since I posted the Tweekly. I know, it should be called the Twonthly, but that just doesn’t have the same impact. Here goes! My most useful tweets from the past 4 weeks.

Taste vs. Creativity

Picasso said “Taste is the enemy of creativity.” Is this true or false? Discuss.

Art Has a Spirit <-Deep Thought Thursday

Does a work of art have a subject or a spirit?