A Template Letter for Informing Collectors of Price Increases

Artist Mckenna Hallett used her wordsmithing skills to create a template you can use to inform collectors about price increases. She says any contact you make with buyers is a marketing opportunity. Don’t miss out!

Informing Collectors of Price Increases <-Deep Thought Thursday

How do you tell collectors your prices have gone up? They need to know and will undoubtedly be happy for your success, but how do you tell them in a way that is comfortable for you?

Art Marketing Action + Podcast: Increase prices for your art (perhaps)

Fretting about your prices again? Have you considered that some of them may be too low? Raising prices isn’t something I take lightly or recommend frequently. While raising prices in tough economic times seems counter intuitive, you want to be sure you are being paid what you’re worth. Here are six things to consider.