Is a Discount Really a Gift?

Package with discount tag

I’ve received a lot of emails recently from artists giving me a discount in the spirit of the season – if I buy. “My gift to you . . . because I appreciate you so much . . . is 10% off my work.” I’m not certain this is a gift, but I’m willing to change my mind. Can you convince me otherwise?

Vacation Leads to Quadrupling Art Sales

Rani Garner LG show

In 2006, I went on vacation, accidentally got into a new gallery while there, and wound up quadrupling my art sales. Over the years I have come to the conclusion that having your work in exactly the right location – a very specific type of place – can change your success as an artist dramatically.

8 Ways to Have a Sale

Stop throwing the same sale over and over. Here’s a list of 8 different sales structures you can try. Try them all out, test the variables, and see what works best for you. 1. Flat discount on everything.

Structure a Sale to Unload an Oversized Inventory

Big Sale

How do you get rid of an inventory of reproductions, note cards, calendars, or anything else you no longer want to promote and sell? Have a sale! Here are some parameters for structuring your sale. Count your inventory.

When Marketing Your Art Feels Unnatural

If you are struggling with the thought of marketing your art, stop thinking about selling so much – share, don’t sell! Sharing is authentic and comes from your heart. You don’t have to be a salesperson or do anything that isn’t natural. All you have to be is confident in your work and enthusiastic about sharing it with others.

Bundling To Increase Your Income

A few weeks ago I had a sale of my audio products. I didn’t discount the products themselves. Instead, I bundled them together and added bonuses. If you’re open to creative solutions for selling your art, consider having a bundle sale instead of a discount sale of your products.

Is Your Art a Product?

Product is a slippery word for many artists to embrace. Deep Thought Thursday: Is art a product? Is your art a product? If not, how is it different from a product?

What Is Your Art Business Costing You?

Even if your sales are good, have you taken time to evaluate your expenses? You may be surprised to learn that venues where you have decent sales don’t necessarily increase your income.

Restart Your Intentions for 2012

The year is half over. Are you halfway through accomplishing your intentions for 2012? Don’t sweat it if you’re not. There’s still time! Just start over. Right here, right now. Let July be a fresh start for you. Let’s talk income goals since this is a business blog.

Why Does One Artist Sell Better Than Another?

Deep Thought Thursday. There are 2 artists. One is consistently selling more work. What are the 3 primary factors that lead to this artist’s work selling better than the other artist’s?