Sharing your art and ideas through shameless self-promotion

You’ll have a hard time promoting your art until you are uber excited about it. You’ll whine, you’ll complain, and you’ll make excuses. Just don’t let me be within earshot of any of these time-wasting activities. They are unproductive and will suck the life out of you, your art, and everyone around you.

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Podcast: Promote an out-of-town event

Have an out-of-town event and wondering how you can promote it from afar? Today’s podcast (below) gives you 10 sure-fire suggestions for promoting your event without ever leaving your home.


Here’s the 11th idea: Start a countdown.

Build anticipation for your event by ticking off the days leading up to it.

It’s easiest to do this on a blog and on your social media profiles, but you could also do it with an email

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