Ripping Through the Veils of Illusion Around Online Art Marketplaces

To plunge into the Web’s round-the-clock marketplace is both daunting and compelling. It’s delicious to imagine prodigious sales allowing you to “Quit Your Day Job” so you can ship hoards of orders in your Dr. Denton’s and then glide into your studio to make more.

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Is Your Art a Product?

Product is a slippery word for many artists to embrace. Deep Thought Thursday: Is art a product? Is your art a product? If not, how is it different from a product?

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28 Questions for When Your Art Isn’t Selling

Have you noticed a downturn regarding your art sales? Use this checklist which reviews four areas to evaluate and help turn your sales around.

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Mana Is the Magic Behind Selling Your Art

When someone purchases your artwork, they are obtaining a piece of your creativity, a connection to your talent and vision. By interacting with your audience, you share your creative spirit and set up a memorable connection.

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Love for Your Collectors Starts with Empathy

McKenna Hallett

Perhaps the most important “E” on the road to love for your collectors addresses a critical part of everyone’s buying and selling experience: Empathy. Those first moments of contact are fragile and involve complex emotions.

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When the Deal is Done You Have Only Begun

Your relationship with a collector doesn’t end when the work is purchased. It has just begun. Discuss.

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Why People Buy < Deep Thought Thursday

Simon Sinek says people don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it. Is this true for art as well?

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How to Know When You’re Ready to Sell Your Art

You can start selling art at any time that feels comfortable for you. If someone wants to buy a piece and you believe in the quality of the work, sell it. But there’s a difference between selling art and marketing it. Four-item checklist for beginning sales.

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One for You, One for Me: Pay for Your Art Materials Up Front

Gary Peters

Guest blogger Gary Peters shares his idea for getting his art materials paid for up front while rewarding his special supporters. Includes a special report for Art Biz Blog readers.

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Putting Your Art on Sale

Michael Newberry, Himalayan Flight, oil on linen

All artwork must go! Select pieces up to 50% off! No reasonable offers will be refused!

Sounds like the giant art sale at the airport hotel, huh? Loud sales proclamations just don’t work well when selling fine art. Mentioning SALE seems to cheapen the art.

But we do know that even high-end galleries offer discounts to valued collectors as well as to museums. So why can’t artists have their own sales? You can with the right strategies in place.

©2010 Michael Newberry, Himalayan Flight. Oil on linen, 36 x 48 inches.

First, consider any ramifications your sale would have on relationships with gallerists, collectors, or retailers. Plan accordingly with the following 8 tips in mind.

1. Have a reason for the sale. It can be an

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