5 Painless Fixes for a More Potent Artist Statement

I read a lot of artist statements. “Read” is a generous word. Mostly, I endure them. I know you know what I’m talking about. In order to have a more potent artist statement, focus on these 5 things during the editing process.

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Rework Your Artist Statement with 3 Answers

David Bender sculpture

Aside from your contact list, your artist statement is your most useful marketing tool.

You will use language from your statement for wall labels, brochure text, website text, informal presentations, conversations and more.

The process of writing your statement – and it is a process – will help you gain clarity about your art. You should continually review and hone the language you use to talk

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Art Marketing Action: Post Your Statement Strategically

Karen Hubacher, Playground 3. Wire sculpture, 10 x 20 x 16 inches. ©The Artist

I’m not crazy about artist statement links in the main navigation menu of a website because most people have no idea what a statement is or why they would want to click on a link titled “Statement.” The best place for your statement is next to the artwork that it relates to.

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Art Marketing Action: Hone Your Artist Statement

Your artist statement should be organic. Allow it to grow and change. You wouldn’t allow your artwork to stagnate, would you? Likewise, using old words to describe new ideas doesn’t make sense. Get that statement out and start honing it.

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The first 4 steps toward selling your art: Step #4

Gwen Revino, Annie Heckman, Liz Crain, Terry Parker, and

You can’t miss this step! You must start writing about your art before you can expect to promote it. Words can help you connect with people who might not know how to look at art. And there are a whole lot of those people out there!

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It’s time again for my annual Memorial Day issue. This is the day I give you reminders of what you should be doing to build your career and reputation and to sell more art. This is an incomplete list that reflects some truths as I see them at the moment.

Remember that you are in charge. This is your life and your career. Don’t listen to anyone else’s definition of success, but know how you would define success for yourself.

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