What is Artistic Style?

Julie Blackman

In order to project a professional image as an artist, you must be able to define yourself and your art in a sea of untold numbers of artists. To do this, you must first find your style.

What is Artistic Style?

“Style” is a word we use freely and without much thought. But what does it mean? In her book Living With Art, Rita Gilbert writes that “style is a characteristic or group of characteristics that we can identify as constant, recurring, or coherent.” She goes on to say, “Artistic style is the sum of constant, recurring or coherent traits identified with a certain individual or group.”

An artist’s style is not good or bad. It just IS. The execution might be criticized, the colors might be

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Deep Thought Thursday: Style vs. Gimmick

Overheard on Twitter:

When does personal style turn to gimmick?

With nods to @anniesalness @Art_News @aakschipper

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