10 Commandments of Teaching Art

Janice Tanton

Guest blogger Janice Tanton says: “I would never have learned what I have if it were not for the generosity of artists that took me under their wings and into their studios, taught me their techniques, concept, insight and ultimately how to find my own voice.”

6 Steps for the Artist-Father to Help Grow Creative Kids

Marty Coleman

Guest blogger Marty Coleman (aka Napkin Dad) says: My kids liked that I was an artist as they grew up. They had a ton of things to create with and had inspiration to do so from seeing me being an artist. I learned a couple things about encouraging them that I want to share with the followers of the Art Biz Blog.”

Is There a Downside to Teaching Your Art? < Deep Thought Thursday

Do you risk creating “little yous” by teaching your art or craft? Is it possible to be both an artist and a teacher without having a bunch of people copying your work?

Artist Teaching: Experience vs. Pay Scale

Are you charging too little for your teaching? Are you finding it difficult to raise your rates with a venue that you have an established relationship with? Here’s some advice to help you make sure you’re getting paid what you’re worth.

What Artists are Getting Paid for Teaching

Last fall I asked Twitter and Facebook followers what they were earning for their workshops. There’s such a variety! I’ve also included some insights into what you’re paying to attend workshops